Hi! I'm David, Chief Strategy Officer at Kubbco, a full-service social media agency. With a hybrid background in the digital, social, creative, and paid media landscape, I help brands reach and resonate with audiences, by defining and connecting the dots between strategy, creativity, content, and distribution. In the bigger scheme of things, I aim to encourage brands to create a positive and lasting impact on society.

From my very first computer games in the late '80s & early 90's (here's to you Alley Cat, Space Quest, and *ahem* Leisure Suit Larry), I've been drawn to all things tech- and digital. Along the way, I made it my professional calling to connect people and brands through tech, connectivity, and creativity. I collaborate with top-tier organizations and leading global brands - but am equally thrilled when I get the opportunity to work with start-ups, independents, and emerging businesses. What truly drives me, is the pursuit of working with talented minds on forward-thinking projects for courageous brands.

I'm tasked with being able to identify and understand business goals as well as being able to co-create concepts and campaigns to get us there. I'm the person who helps connect logic and magic. The person who walks dreamers and doers down the aisle! Ok... too much? You get it. I help brands and agencies bridge the gap between creativity, media, and content... and ultimately, optimize business outcomes.


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I've had the privilege of working with many talented individuals for a wide range of clients - from aspiring startups to global industry leaders. Every situation and project has been unique, but a defining trait throughout my career has been the ability to translate trends and mechanics in the world around us (and the social/digital platforms we use), into best-in-class creative content.

Being a hybrid in the communication and advertising space often means taking on a variety of tasks. I've been part of management teams at several creative and media agencies, taken lead on pitch processes (on both agency and client sides), spear-headed specialist teams, produced digital and social media strategies, held keynote speeches and workshops, done trend-, audience and market analysis, optimised briefs between clients, creatives and media agencies, produced content, managed online communities, created influencer marketing strategies, managed campaigns from A-Z, and everything in between...

A few brands are highlighted below, but I've been honoured to work with over 250 brands across industries such as (but not limited to) tech, travel, finance, pharma, automotive, media, fashion, toys, entertainment, food and beverage - as well as NGO's, labor unions and both national and global government institutions.

If you're interested in learning more about specific work I've done, or exploring how we might be able to work together, please don't hesitate to reach out. I would love to sit down with you over a cup of coffee if we're in the same neighbourhood... or we can meet online... or write old-school emails to each other. Whatever works for you.


Send me an e-mail, give me a call or reach out on social media. Whatever works for you.

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