Creative Strategist & Social Media Specialist

I help brands connect with the world around them by merging creativity and strategy. I am a firm believer in empathy-based marketing - and convinced that brands drive positive impact by truly integrating the emotional and logical processes within communication and marketing. And in today's distribution landscape, it has never been more important to connect the dots between human connections and social/digital possibilities. Want to know more? Please don't hesitate to connect...

I've had the pleasure of working with a wide range of client types on projects that have varied from keynotes, workshops, and short-term consulting - to long lasting collaborations on strategic frameworks, creative concepts, and campaign distribution plans. A few brands are listed below - but please reach out to learn more about the scope of work for each client.

Press & Publications

On occasion, I am brought in as a social media, tech- and digital marketing specialist in media outlets. Also, I can't seem to keep my opinions to myself, and have co-published 2 academic textbooks, for university level scholars. Get in touch, if you would like me to participate in media discussions... or if you find interesting opportunities to collaborate!